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​Friday Night Beginners

​Every Friday evening the club offers a beginners night for male and female runners of all abilities aged 18 years and above.

Our beginners night is led by Jo Barnsley (pictured below) and club chairman Andrew Gristwood.

Jo Barnsley

The group meets every Friday night at Cleethorpes Leisure Centre, 6pm, and caters for all abilities. The distance varies between 2 - 5 miles but nobody gets left behind. There are a variety of training sessions including speed, hills and longer endurance runs.


​Momentum: More Mo, Less Tum

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Next Course Dates: ​Announcement coming soon!

To register your interest or for more information, contact Jo Barnsley.



Momentum is a dedicated 8 week course designed for complete beginners. The idea was devised by club member Jo Barnsley in 2015 after she completed a Leadership in Running Fitness course (LiRF). Jo wanted to enourage complete beginners to take up running and so formed Momentum: More Mo, Less Tum.

In May 2015, the first Momentum course was run and 24 people completed it. Since then a further 47 people have completed the courses in January and April 2016 making a total of 71 graduates of the programme.


The Course

The course is a programme of walk/jog building up from 1 minute of jogging to 30 minutes continuously in week 8. Each week, participants receive a printed homework sheet from the course leader which includes a further two runs/walks. The course is limited to 30 people.

As part of the course, participants have access to advice from the course leaders as well as other content available through the club website.

On week 9, members of the course run a timed 5k event to see how much they have progressed. Upon completion, each member receives a certificate and a course gift.

Graduates are encouraged to continue their running as part of the clubs Friday night beginner's group which caters for all abilities over the age of 18 years of age. They can form their own social running group or another group whilst still being supported by club leaders and members.



​The cost of Momentum is £15. This includes £5 club subscription for 1 year, £5 coaching fee and £5 course gift.


Past Graduates

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