Posted by Nina Smith on 18 February 2018



Following Cleethorpes Athletics Club AGM which was held on Thursday 15 February 2018 from this date forward the following new rules were voted in and will apply:-

  1.  To score points in a road league race club vests MUST be worn. This does not include a training t-shirt i.e. the blue one with the club’s logo on the front and Cleethorpes Athletics Club on the back it MUST be a club vest.  This rule also applies to half marathons and marathons which are to be included in the road league.


*      New club members have a grace period of 4 weeks to allow time to purchase a vest which are available from Karl or Carol Holmes.

*      Road league points will be awarded if a club member is running a half marathon or a marathon for charity so wearing a charity vest/t-shirt.

London Marathon Club Places – New Rules Apply from 2018

  1. To qualify to enter the draw for the London Marathon Places club members must by the date their rejection slip is submitted have taken part in 4 activities within the club.  These activities can be made up of running road league races, marshalling at club races, helping at water stations, first aider duties or generally helping to set up or organise at a club race.  It can be a mixture of all 4 or it can be 4 of the same but it MUST equate to 4.  All committee members are exempt from the above as it is deemed they commit to the club all year.


  2. If club members including committee members are successful in gaining the club place from the draw they will not be allowed to enter the draw again for 3 years, for example:-

    2018 – Enter the draw

    2019 – Run

    2020 – Not allowed to enter the draw

    2021 – Allowed to enter the draw to run in 2022

Club members may enter the club draw each year if they are unsuccessful. If club members enter the London Marathon under their own esteem and are successful in gaining a ballot, good for age or a charity place this does not affect their rights to enter the club’s draw based on the rules shown above.

The existing rule that club membership (subs)  must be paid by April 1st to qualify to enter the draw remains the same.

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