New Years Day 10K

Posted by Ben Frary on 13 October 2017


NEW YEARS DAY 10K is back in 2018!

The club is excited to announce that the NYD10K race will once again return in 2018.

The club had hoped to announce this race sooner but due to complications and new measures asked of the club during the organisation, this race was in jeapordy of not going ahead at all.

The race has been a long standing tradition in the racing calendar and the clubs committee and race organisers have been and are continuing to work hard to ensure that the race returns in 2018.

After consultation with the council, the club were asked to put certain measures in place which meant bringing in an external organisation to run the traffic management plan for the event. The club were given several quotes which were all large four figure sums.

Whilst the club made a profit on last years race, the quotes provided and the lack of sponsor so far for this year race meant that the club would have sustained a significant loss were the race to go ahead with the same pricing structure.

The club relies heavily on the money raised from hosted events such as NYD10K and any impact upon the income of this events would jeapordise the clubs long term sustainability and investment in areas such as Junior Athletics.

Whilst the committee were reluctant to increase the price of the event, it was felt that there were no other options in order to make the race break even.

After reviewing local 10K race pricing structures, the club committee felt that it was appropriate to increase the costs of the NYD10K to a similar level of events such as the Gruesome Twosome and Market Rasen 10K. The pricing for the event will be £16 for affiliated members and £18 for non-affiliated members. This is still significantly cheaper than races such as the Lincoln 10K (£21 affiliated).

Online entries for the event will open on Wednesday 18th October at 6pm and will be limited to 500 places.

Further race information can be found on the clubs website.

The club is still looking for a race sponsor(s) and encourages any interested parties to contact us.

We hope you enjoy the NYD10K!

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